Arizona December Surge

The Arizona Department of Health finally released their medical marijuana program reports for Sept - Dec 2016. The December surge happened as it was reported at the time. Over at least the past year, about 2,000 new patients per month have gotten their card. In December 2016, however, there were over 4,000 new patients. The total number of patients is now at 114,439. This resulted in higher-than-usual flower, edible, and concentrate sales -- an equivalent of nearly 9,000 pounds of flower. This data also indicates that annual growth is at a steady 30%.

114,439 patients represents 1.5% of the population. Experts say (and we agree) that the number of patients will top out at about 2.5% of the population. This means 168,287 patients. Consumption is at 35.4 grams per month per patient, or 13,133 pounds per month. If every five pounds of raw flower is tested, that means 2,626 tests per month.